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Chapter Nine

There mwap mwap mwap you know, Maizie.

Maizie could only make out half of what Gray was saying under the towel while he dried her hair. She could definitely get used to this kind of service. Not to mention the service shed just gotten in the shower.

In fact

She dropped the towel shed used to dry her body and reached for his hands, turning to face him. Her thoughts must have shown on her face. The moment their eyes met, he allowed the last ends of her hair to slip from his grip beneath the towel-forgotten-his gaze drifting to her naked breasts and lower.

Youd think hed never seen her naked the way he looked at her. Lips parted, eyes intense, muscles tight. She felt beautiful, sexy.

We need to talk, Maizie. I mean it. There was a hint of guilt in his voice, if not in his eyes. Why? Was this about him stealing her mothers locket? What else? Its why shed come. Maybe hed figured it out. But she didnt want to ruin the moment with explanations or excuses. Her mothers locket was the last thing on her mind right now.

His gaze hadnt risen above her chest, and the look in his eyes was not the look of a man hoping for stimulating conversation. She stepped closer, her hands going to the towel snagged around his hips. She tugged and the fuzzy warm fabric parted then slipped to the floor.

His stiff cock sprang up to meet her. Yeah, hes all about talking. She wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft, loving the girth of it. Smaller than a rolling pin, thicker than the handle of a bat, enough to fill her but not ruin her.

Gawd, she wanted to know what hed feel like inside her. Just the thought of it sent a wash of wet heat through her sex. She stroked him, feeling the velvety ridges, the smooth lip of the head then down again. She arched her back so the plump head of his cock pressed into her belly as she stroked him.

He groaned, the sound vibrating low in his chest. His hips rocked with her, coaxing her to continue, to stroke faster. She tightened her grip, followed his quicker pace and found herself caressing her sex against his leg. Her hand to his hip, trying to remember not to dig her nails too deep, she leaned in to kiss the hard muscles of his chest.

Small trickles of water streamed down his chest from his hair, wetting her lips. His skin was hot, a beautiful sun-kissed bronze and so smooth she had to know the feel of it on her tongue. He was clean from the shower but the smallest sheen of sweat had started to form. Salty, earthy and subtly sweet, just the way he smelled.

She found his nipple with her lips, the little pucker of dark rosy flesh, its tiny nub erect, excited. She teased her tongue over it, flicked and sucked and kissed-and bit. Grays breath caught with a hiss, a wash of goose bumps traveling over his skin. His cock pulsed in her hand.

He grabbed her arms, pulled his hips back enough so shed let him go. Jeezus, you drive me to distraction.

This is a good thing. She reached for him, but he kept her back.

He laughed, playful, genuine. Its a very good thing, but I want to talk.

She sighed, as dramatic as she could. Is it always going to be about what you want? She allowed a smile to quirk the corner of her mouth.

What? No. I The poor man hadnt come completely. His hard-on was so stiff she could probably blow him from across the room. It was a ruthless tease. She didnt care. Shed make it up to him if hed just stop yackin.

He caught her smirk, his brow creased, a determined frown darkening his face. Absolutely.

Gray scooped her up, cradling her against his warm chest, and stormed from the bathroom toward his bed. His muscular body practically vibrated with power. He was healthy, excited. Shed deliberately teased his lust, dared him. Could she handle the consequences?

As though hed sensed her concern, he paused at the side of his bed and looked at her. He smiled, kissed her forehead so tenderly her worries vanished. You okay?

She nodded, squirming in his arms, her hand cupping the back of his head to pull his mouth to hers. His lips were firm and took control of the kiss in an instant. His tongue traced along the slit of her mouth and she opened for him. He entered her mouth as he lowered her to the bed, lying half beside her and half on top of her.

His heavy leg draped over hers, his foot working to push her knees apart. She pumped her hips, pressing into the coarse hairs on his leg. Gawd, she was so horny any part of him would do.

Braced on an elbow, he kissed her, taking her lips, drawing on her tongue, exploring her mouth. His free hand felt its way down her neck to her chest. She arched for him, his hand opening wide, squeezing her breast, massaging. His fingers flicked the pebbled nub of her nipple, pinching it, and a fast jolt of pain and pleasure zinged through her, made her gasp. Her hand went to his, held it there, helped him squeeze.

Gray looked to her breast and guided her hand to fondle herself on her own. He watched, his hips pressing the hard shaft of his cock along her side, his flesh hot against her, rocking as her touches made her body respond. She squeezed, offering her breast to him. He took it hungrily, the sultry heat of his mouth flooding through her. His arm wrapped around her waist, turning her, pulling her closer so his cock pumped against her belly.

Grayplease The hard feel of him was such exquisite torture. She wanted him inside her, she wanted him everywhere. Heat washed through her, slicked her sex, made it hard to breathe, hard to think. Her body burned, skin tingling, mind dizzy with need.

He loosened his hold, slipping his hand over her belly through the curls of her mons. Warm trickles seeped between the lips of her sex to wet her thighs. His finger slipped through her folds, smooth and easy.

Fuck, Maizie, you get so wet. His rich voice vibrated against her chest, her nipple held at his mouth. Is that just for me? Tell me all this cream is just for me.

Its you. She tried not to gasp, not to squeal as his finger dove inside her, curling instantly to stroke her G-spot. You do this to me.

Her hips bucked against his hand as a second finger filled her and a third made it tight. Maizie grabbed his wrist, helped his hand fuck her pussy harder, faster.

Jeezus He panted, shifted his weight, his mouth going to her neck as he nudged his hips between her thighs. I have to feel that hot cream on my cock. I want it buried up to my balls.

His fingers pulled out of her and for a half second she nearly couldnt breathe from the loss. Then the smooth fat head of his cock pressed against her and the world went white hot behind her eyes.

She pushed her head back in the pillow, lifted her hips trying to coax him deeper. But he pulled out and moan of protest exploded from her on reflex.

Gray pushed up, balancing on his knees and one hand. She opened her eyes to see him watching as he gripped his cock, teasing the head along her pussy. His smile was wicked and sexy as hell, his hand rubbing the head through her slick folds, from her clit all the way down to her anus.

She held her breath when he pressed there, her muscles pulsed a fresh flood of heat, drenching her. His cock, shiny from her cream, slick and wet, nearly slipped in. A part of her wanted it. Really wanted it. But she wanted him to fill her sex more. Gray

She didnt have to ask twice. One solid thrust and his stiff shaft drove deep into her pussy, filling her fast, robbing of her thought and breath. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out, half a heartbeat later her lungs gasped for air.

Gray held her behind her knees, pressing her legs back. The position angled her pussy upward and he moved closer on his knees to fit the full length of his cock as deep as her body could allow.

Ohyes The feel of him so deep, touching places inside her that hadnt been touched inshe couldnt remember how long. Sweet satisfaction swelled in the core of her body. Eyes closed, her hands fumbled blind for him, found his knees on either side, worked up to his thighs and squeezed.

His hips pumped, fucking her faster, driving deep so his balls slapped against her ass. Youre so tight. I can feel you squeezing my cock.

She flexed her Kegel muscles.

Gray hissed. Jeezus. He rammed his cock deep and then again. Touch yourself, Maizie. Show me what you like.

Maizie didnt think twice. Shed never been so hot, needed so much, nothing was too personal. Inhibitions didnt exist. All she wanted was to satiate this hunger, and everything they did felt inexplicably good and made her desire more intense, more urgent.

He growled, watching her, his excitement making him harder, pumping her body faster. Maizie wanted to keep her eyes open to see his handsome face gripped with passion. But she could hardly think past the feel of him inside her, past the hum of her skin, the thunder of her heart, the delicious friction in her sex.

Her mind wrapped itself in the dizzying sensations. His hard cock pushing through the sensitive walls inside her, each thrust filling her perfectly, building an exquisite pressure, every fiber of her body wanting more.

Her heart pounded, muscles milking his body, her fingers teasing her clit, bringing rise to another swirl of needy pressure that enhanced the first and made her muscles clench.

Yesss Grays pace doubled, the force of his thrusts rocking the bed.

Maizies breath seized, her head pressed back, her hips bucking up to his, frantic, as the pressure crested, then gushed through her body liquid hot, breathless and wet. She screamed, fisting her toes, pushing her hips hard against his, muscles pulsing.

Gray pushed back, rode her orgasm and then started driving toward his own. His cock was still hard and stiff as steel, his pace selfish, impatient and perfect. In seconds the pressure had built inside her again, her pussy so sensitive and ready. She could feel his orgasm coming, the way his cock filled her, buried deep inside her, fast and hungry. Just when hed brought them both to the very crest of pleasure, he pulled out.

He grabbed his cock, stroking madly, as his other hand finished off her pussy. Her gasp of shock was more a scream and she watched him climax, bringing herself a half second later. The erotic sight of his hand pumping his stiff cock, his cream spurting warm over her belly, was all she needed to send her spiraling over the edge.

She relaxed back into the pillow, boneless, riding the waves of pleasure rippling through her. Gray collapsed beside her. After a minute spent catching his breath, he grabbed a tissue to wipe the come from her belly.

She smiled. By the way. Im on the pill.

Shit. I forgot.

What do you mean?

He kissed the back of her neck. Nothing. Never mind.

She remembered purring when he gathered her to him, feeling the warmth of his body, the strength in his arms. She couldnt fight the thick blanket of sleep overtaking her. She didnt even try.

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