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1982 Everybody (dir. Ed Steinberg)

1983 Burning Up (dir. Steve Barron)

1984 Borderline (dir. Mary Lambert)

1984 Holiday 1 (unknown director, low budget. Not

released) 1984 Lucky Star 1 (dir. Arthur Pierson) 1984 Like A Virgin (dir. Mary Lambert)

1984 Lucky Star 2 (dir. Arthur Pierson, extended version)

1985 Like A Virgin (MTV Video Music Awards) 1985 Material Girl (dir. Mary Lambert)

1985 Crazy For You (dir. Harold Becker)

1985 Into The Groove (dir. Susan Seidelman, from You Can Dance,

made with clips from Desperately Seeking Susan) 1985 Dress You Up 1 (dir. Danny Kleinman, from Like A

Virgin) 1985 Dress You Up 2 (dir. Danny Kleinman, extended version

from Like A Virgin) 1985 Gambler 1 (dir. Harold Becker) 1985 Gambler (The Virgin Tour Live) 1985 Like A Virgin (The Virgin Tour Live)

1985 Over And Over (The Virgin Tour Live)

1986 Live To Tell (dir. James Foley, includes clips from At Close Range)

1986 Papa Don't Preach (dir. James Foley) 1986 True Blue (dir. James Foley)

1986 Open Your Heart (dir. Jean-Baptiste Mondino)

1987 La Isla Bonita (dir. Mary Lambert)

1987 The Look Of Love (dir. James Foley, made with clips from Who's That Girt)

1987 Causing A Commotion (MTV Video Music Awards)

1988 Into The Groove (Ciao Itatia Live, promo for the commercial video)

1989 Like A Prayer (dir. Mary Lambert)

1989 Make A Wish (Pepsi commercial, broadcast 2 March) 1989 Express Yourself (MTV Video Music Awards) 1989 Cherish (dir. Herb Ritts) 1989 Express Yourseif (dir. David Fincher) 1989 Oh Father (dir. David Fincher)

1989 Dear Jessie (unknown director, animations only released outside USA)

1989 Papa Don't Preach (Warner, laser disc only)

1990 Vogue (dir. David Fincher) 1990 Vogue (MTV Video Music Awards)

1990 Vote! (commercialfor Rock The Vote campaign, broadcast 22 October to 6 November)

1990 Justify My Love (dir. Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Sold as first-ever video single)

1991 Like A Virgin (dir. Alex Keshishian, made with clips from Truth or Dare)

1991 Holiday 2 (dir. Alex Keshishian, made with clips from Truth or Dare)

1992 This Used To Be My Playground (dir. Alex Keshishian, including clips from A League Of Their Own)

1992 Erotica (dir. Fabien Baron)

1992 Deeper And Deeper (dir. Bobby Woods)

1993 Bad Girl (dir. David Fincher) 1993 Fever (dir. Stephan Sednaoui) 1993 Rain (dir. Mark Romanek)

1993 Bye Bye Baby (Live From The Girlie Show Tour, Australia only)

1994 I'll Remember (dir. Alex Keshishian, including clips from With Honors)

1994 Secret (dir. Melodie McDaniel)

1994 Take A Bow (dir. Michael Haussman)

1995 Bedtime Story (dir. Mark Romanek)

1995 Human Nature (dir. Jean-Baptiste Mondino)

1995 I Want You (dir. Earle Sebastian, from Inner City Blues: The Music Of Marvin Gaye)

1996 Love Don't Live Here Anymore (dir. Jean-Baptiste Mondino)

1996 You Must Love Me (dir. Alan Parker, including clips from Evita)

1996 Don't Cry For Me, Argentina (dir. Alan Parker, including clips from Evita)

1997 Another Suitcase In Another Hall (dir. Alan Parker, including clips from Evita, not released in USA)

1997 Buenos Aires (dir. Alan Parker, including clips from Evita, not released in USA)

1998 Frozen (dir. Chris Cunningham)

1998 Ray Of Light (dir. Jonas Akerlund, won 1999 Grammy Award

for Best Short Form Music Video) 1998 Drowned World / Substitute For Love (dir. Walter Stern, not

released in USA)

1998 The Power Of Goodbye (dir. Matthew Rolston)

1999 Nothing Really Matters (dir. Johan Renck)

1999 Beautiful Stranger (dir. Brett Ratner, including clips from Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me)

2000 American Pie (dir. Philip Stolzol, including clips from The Next Best Thing)

2000 Music (dir. 3onas Akerlund)

2000 Don't Tell Me (dir. Jean-Baptiste Mondino, also released in USA as enhanced CD single in January 2001)

2001 What It Feels Like For A Girl (dir. Guy Ritchie. Video banned for excessive violence.)

2001 Paradise (dir. Dago Gonzalez, filmed exclusively for the

Drowned World Tour) 2001 GHV2 Megamix (dir. various, promo for GHV2 album)

2001 Holiday Live (dir. Hamish Hamilton, live from Drowned World Tour)

2002 Die Another Day (dir. Traktor, including clips from Die Another Day)

2003 American Life (dir. Jonas Akerlund)

2003 Hollywood (dir. Jean-Baptiste Mondino, remix video by Dustin Robertson)

2003 Me Against The Music (dir. Paul Hunter. Britney Spears, featuring Madonna)

2004 Love Profusion (dir. Luc Besson)

2005 Hung Up (dir. Johan Renck)

2006 Sorry (dir. Jamie King)

2006 Get Together (dir. Logan, animation company) 2006 Jump (dir. Jonas Akerlund)

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