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Character List

Izzy McNeil-main character. Unemployed lawyer and occasional private investigator finds herself in over her head when a family link to the mob turns her life upside-down.

Theo Jameson-Izzys current flame. Hes young, hot, and rich to boot. Izzy has some issues with their age difference, but is willing to explore the possibility of a relationship with him.

Sam Hollings-Izzys ex-boyfriend. They are trying to remain friends, but are having it difficult to keep old feelings at bay.

Dez Romano-Leader of the Chicago branch of the Camorra, a faction of the Italian mafia. He has delusions of grandeur and wants to run ALL of the Camorra. Izzy is a thorn in his side and he wants to make her pay for it.

Ransom-Dez Romanos right hand man. A tattooed brut that does his dirty work.

Q (Quentin) Briscoe-Izzys former assistant and dear friend. Previously a struggling actor, now unemployed and living with his wealthy boyfriend.

Maggie- Izzys best friend. She is short with light brown hair. She is a criminal defense lawyer known for representing alleged drug runners and mobsters. Her grandfather, Martin Bristol, is a famous Chicago Assistant State s Attorney.

Bernard-A Filipino from Seattle teaching in Italy. Sparks fly between he and Maggie when they meet on a train.

Charlie McNeil-Izzys younger brother. Though formerly the laziest person Izzy knows, Charlie has found excitement in a new job at WGN Chicago radio. He no longer earns his nickname, Sheets.

Victoria McNeil-Izzys mother. Shes a beautiful elegant woman, always impeccably dressed with strawberry blonde hair. She runs the Victoria Project, which helps widowed women with children. After Izzys father, died, she moved to Chicago and married Spence.

Elena Traviata-Izzys aunt on her fathers side. She lives in Rome and is Izzys only connection to information about her fathers mysterious death. She is married to Maurizio Traviata, a known member of the Camorra.

Christopher McNeil-Izzys father. He died over 20 years ago in a helicopter accident. The more Izzy looks into his past, his connections to the Camorra, the suspicious events surrounding her current situation and her fathers death, all lead her to suspect something is amiss.

Spence-Izzys step-father. He is warm and kind and loves Victoria more than life itself.

Bunny Loveland -The housekeeper Victoria hired when Izzy was a child. She is cranky and mean spirited, but the McNeils love her and she always manages to give good advice, help, and encouragement when it is most needed.

John Mayburn-A sought-after Chicago PI who occasionally hires Izzy to do some undercover work for him. Though, currently, he is helping Izzy find out information about her fathers mysterious death.

Lucy DeSanto-Friend to Izzy and wife to Michael Desanto, who is in deep with the mob. She is in denial over this and continues to try and make their marriage work.

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