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About E. La question romaine. Paris, 1859

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Cornwell J. Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII. London, 1999

Cornwell R. Good's banker: An Account of the Life and Death of Roberto Calvi. London, 1984

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Cullman O. Peter: Disciple Apostle Martyr. London, 1953

Dictionnaire d'histoire et la g'eographie eccl'esiastiques / Ed. A. Baudrillart. Paris (in progress)

Dictionnaire de th'eologie catholique / Ed. A. Vacant, E. Mangenot.

9 vols in 15.1926-1950

D"ollinger J.J.L Fables Respecting the Popes of the Middle Ages / Transl. A. Plummer. London, 1871

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Hale J.R. The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance. London, 1993

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Hales E.E.Y. Pope John and His Revolution. London, 1965

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Hebblethwaite P. Paul VI: First Modern Pope. London, 1993

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Katz R. Black Sabbath: A Journey through a Crime against Humanity. London, 1969

Kung H. The Catholic Church. London; New York, 2001

Lacey R. The Life and Times of Henry VIII. London, 1972

Le Roy Ladurie E. Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, 1294-1324 / Transl. Barbara Bray. London, 1978

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Norwich J.J. Byzantine: The Apogee. London, 1991

Norwich J.J. Byzantine: The Decline and Fall. London, 1995

Norwich J J. The Normans in the South. London, 1967

Norwich J.J. The Kingdom in the Sun. London, 1970

Norwich J.J. Venice: The Greatness and the Fall. London, 1981

Origo I. The Merchant of Plato: Francesco di Marco Datini. London, 1957 Oxford Dictionary of Popes / Ed. J. N. D. Kelly. Oxford, 1986

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Platina B. The Lives of the Popes / Ed. and transl. W. Benham. London, 1888

Pollard J.F. The Unknown Pope: Benedict XV (1914-1922) and Pursuit of Peace. London, 1999

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Zamoyski A. The Polish Way. London, 1987

Ziegler P. The Black Death. London, 1969

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